In this laboratory we examine balance and gait performance along the span of life in health and disease. The goal is to improve the understanding of the mechanisms underlying deficits in balance and gait control, and to evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of intervention programs on balance and gait performance.

The lab is equipped with advanced equipment for balance and gait assessment.


Yochy gait and posture lab


Most of the lab’s equipment is portable enabling easy transport to various clinical settings.

The following equipment is included in the lab:

  • AMTI’s  AccuSway® - a portable force plate with six-axis force sensors which is considered a gold standard for balance assessment.
  • GaitRite® - a portable gait analysis walkway system providing temporo-spatial measures of gait.
  • Ariel Performance Analysis System ® - a portable video-based 3Dmotion analysissystem.
  • FASTRAK® - a motion tracking system based on electromagnetic technology providing position and orientation data.
  • SeeMe Rehabilitation System® - a clinician-controlled exercise and assessment system based on Microsoft's Kinect technology

The laboratory researchers also collaborate with the Biorobotics and Biomechanics laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Israeli Institute of Technology, The Technion, Haifa. Their lab includes an 8 camera Vicon motion analysis system, three AMTI force plates embedded in the floor, and an 8 channel EMG system for complete gait analysis. 

Examples of past and present studied conducted in the laboratory:

  • Effect of virtual reality based intervention on balance capabilities of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder.
  • Correlation between dynamic balance control assessed with a low cost virtual reality system and functional performance of very old adults.
  • Comparison between temporal measures during over ground walking and during stepping in place.
  • Effect of shoe ware and dual tasking on temporal gait characteristics during forward and backward walking.


Yochy gait and posture lab 2