Posture Scale Analyzer

The Posture Scale Analyzer (PSA) has two modes of operation: Test Mode - provides the following information:

  • Records weight distribution between Left & Right, Anterior & Posterior.
  • Identifies patient's center of pressure during the test.
  • Tracks dynamic behaviors: stability, sway rate and direction, fall assessment.

Training Mode:

  • Real time Bio-Feedback training.
  • Trains and educates patient to control and adjust their balance and stability.
  • Enhances patient's awareness to their balance and stability.


Rehabilitation Robotics Bioxtreme

This robotic device system has a two-dimensional motor, basic measurement capacities, and a robotic arm which is engaged to the subject's upper-limb in a sitting position. The wrist of the subject is connected to the robotic arm by a strip which supports the arm but allows free movements of the wrist. This configuration allows subjects with impaired grasping ability to use the system. A bio-feedback system enables the subject to perform various functional motor tasks that are presented on the screen in front of him. The system's sensors detect motor errors or deviations from an optimal/proper movement trajectory or velocity profile. Any deviation in direction, velocity, acceleration or necessary force from the optimal trajectory results in applied robotic forces that enhance such errors/deviations. The sensors and the applied forces all work and compute in real time, so that the force measurements and the applied force are updated to the executed movement.

Eli PSA 2