My primary research field is Infant motor development. This knowledge area expands to a variety of research topics: Typical motor development regarding infant handedness and footedness, infant motivation to move, and developmental change. Along these topics I'm studying motor development in at risk infants and in infant with a-typical motor development, e.g. premature infants, early signs of ASD.

Previous Research Projects

  • Measuring developmentally appropriate practice in the NICU's in Israel.
  • Longitudinal documentation of early leg preference.
  • Leg asymmetry during sleep in infants.
  • Bimanual reaching patterns and the onset of upright locomotion in typically developing infants.
  • Assessing motivation to move and the relationship to motor development in infancy from ages 7 to 12 months.

Current Research Projects

  • Cross-cultural assessment of parental beliefs and practices on infant motor development: Israel- Holland.  
  • Early signs of ASD training for pediatric PT. 
  • Motor learning in the physiotherapy practice

Near future Research Projects

  • Autism knowledge survey.
  • Early leg preference in preterm babies.
  • Leg preference in childhood.