When conducting my research projects dealing with various aspects of the musculoskeletal system, I use an integrative approach by combining anatomical, biomechanical information and the evolutionary history of the structure to decipher the etiologic and pathophysiology of related diseases, thus furnishing manual therapists with better treatment tools.

I have been using imaging technology such as computerized tomography imaging (CT) and rehabilitative ultrasound in my studies for the past few years. Using imaging techniques has allowed me to investigate and correlate the clinical findings and anatomy of the human body which cannot be visualised on external observation. This tool provides valuable information as to the musculoskeletal system and its function.

Previous Research Projects

  • The association between sacralization and spondylolisthesis
  • The immediate effect of dry needling on multifidus muscles’ function in healthy individuals
  • The effect of infra patellar strap treatment on the extent of pain and performance in young athletes diagnosed with patellar tendinopathy

Current Research Projects

  • The role of trunk  muscle activation on low back pain in various disorders
  • Efficient treatment of low back pain: the role of muscle activation during different types of exercises
  • Sacroiliac joint in low back pain

Near future Research Projects

  • The role of lumbar spine anatomy and morphology in the development of spine degenerative changes.
  • Degenerative Spondylolisthesis – the association      between radiographic and clinical severity progression.
  • The  relation of the Omohyoid muscle to shoulder movements