Considering that physical activity and fitness affect the functioning of numerous systems including: cardiopulmonary, immune, musculoskeletal and pain as well as higher brain functions such as cognition and emotion, my research examines physical activity in healthy and medically compromised individuals. My experience and expertise in basic and applied sciences is reflected in my publications, which integrate basic science (using an animal model) and human studies.

In the Physical Therapy Department I focused on transferring my basic research skills to human performance (young and older adults, athletes and disabled individuals) with different exercise requirements. I set up a functional performance laboratory with advanced instruments to monitor and measure metabolic, cardio-pulmonary, and kinematic variables. Furthermore, most of the instruments are portable and enable studies to be performed in many locations.

The combination of my training as a Physiotherapist (clinician) and Exercise physiologist enabled collaborations in different fields: metabolic cost and mechanical load, associations between cognition and physical activity, physical activity and health, analgesic effects of exercise, prediction and treatment of sport injuries in athletes and military personal.

Research projects

  • Changes in metabolic parameters during performance of a secondary cognitive task while walking.
  • Exercise induced analgesia: Psycho-physical aspects of the relationship between pain perception and exercise.
  • The effect of walking with poles on gait; kinematics and kinetic perspectives.
  • Predicting and reducing skeletal muscle injuries in intense military training.
  • Load carrying systems and their effect on cardiopulmonary, kinetic, spatiotemporal, and cognitive performance.
  • The effect of kinesiotape on dynamic balance following muscle fatigue in individuals with chronic ankle instability.
  • External and internal control of gait in older adults.
  • Exercise and mental fatigue..

Thesis projects

  • Effects of light touch on postural responses. Thesis project of Faten Falash.
  • Effect of practice intervals on the acquisition of motor skills in young adults. Thesis project of Petel Michal.
  • Muscle force generation in the elbow joint of climbers vs. non-climbers. Thesis project of Blutrich Ofer.
  • Riding position and dynamic posture stability. Thesis project of Reznik David.
  • Psychophysical aspects of maximal anaerobic performance. Thesis project of Samuely Gil.