My research endeavors focus on developing and systematically evaluating physical therapy assessment and treatment modalities with particular emphasis on electrophysical and thermal agents and on balance and gait performance. Thus, for example, my research group is involved in multiple laboratory based studies examining the effects of manipulating pulse parameters on the strength and fatigue of electrically induced muscle contractions. To further advance evidence based practice in physical therapy, I also lead intervention based research projects examining the effects of different modalities on pain, sensation, gait and balance performance of individuals with a variety of muscular-skeletal or neuromuscular impairments.

Previous research work

  • Effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on pain and functional performance in subjects with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trial.
  • Response of male and female subjects after total knee arthroplasy to repeated neuromuscular electrical stimulation of the quadriceps femoris muscle.
  • Effects of dual-channel functional electrical stimulation on gait performance in patients with hemiparesis.
  • A brief inter-phase interval interposed within biphasic pulses enhances contraction force of the quadriceps muscle.
  • Effects of a foot drop neuroprosthesis on functional abilities, social participation and gait velocity: A one-year follow-up.

Research work in progress

  • Kicking within a virtual reality gaming environment used to assess balance performance in the elderly.
  • Does sensory training affect gait performance and functional ability of individuals with chronic stroke.
  • Temporal characteristics of stepping in place versus over-ground walking of elderly adults.
  • Balance characteristics of individuals 85 years and older.
  • The effect of an inter-phase interval interposed within biphasic pulses on muscle force and fatigue in subjects with upper motor neuron lesion.

Future research projects

  • Effect of a shoe based perturbation system on balance and function of elderly individuals.
  • Effect of pulse parameters on force production and muscle fatigue.