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Physical activity and fitness influence and interact with the functioning of many systems including the cardiopulmonary, immune, musculoskeletal and pain. In addition exercise training affects higher brain functions such as cognition and emotions.

The Human Performance Lab in the physiotherapy department is well-equipped including: advanced instruments to monitor and measure metabolic, cardio-pulmonary, and kinematic variables. Most of the instruments are portable and enable studies to be performed in many locations including the homes of the participants.

The investigation of associations between cognition and physical activity is in progress.

We also investigate the mechanisms underlying the analgesic effects of exercise. Integration of the sciences of physiology and kinesiology with physio-therapeutic approaches prompted research questions regarding the prediction of sport injuries and the effectiveness of a variety of treatments and exercise training interventions.

Our research tools and techniques enable us to evaluate strength (Isokinetic system), analyze movement and balance during walking and running (Optogait, Gaitrite) and monitor muscular activity (VMG: Vibromyographic). These tools and systems enabled advanced high-quality research in the field of human performance.

We collaborate with medical and academic institutions as well with IDF.