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The focus of this laboratory is the evaluation of muscle performance in response to various therapeutic modalities and in particular to neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Thus, for example, we study the effects of manipulating pulse parameters on the strength and fatigue of electrically induced muscle contractions, as well as the therapeutic effects of intervention programs utilizing NMES and functional electrical stimulation.

The following state of the art equipment is included in the lab:

  • Biodex System 3 dynamometer – a computerized isokinetic dynamometer considered the gold standard for measuring muscle torque during isometric and isokinetic muscle contractions of most major muscle groups.
  • BIOPAC with AcqKnowledge software® - a modular data acquisition system combined with an advanced data analysis program. Enables synchronized data collection with external equipment (e.g. electrical stimulation, Biodex) and a variety of transducers monitoring physiological activity (e.g. EMG, VMG).
  • Digitimer® stimulator (model DS7A ) - provides constant current, high voltage pulses of brief duration to investigate electrical activity of human nerve and muscle tissue.
  • Quantitative Muscle Assessment system (QMA systems®), a portable computerized myometry system providing quantitative assessment of force production during isometric contractions.

Examples of past and present studied conducted in the laboratory:

  • Effect of burst duration and frequency of a medium-frequency alternating current on perceived discomfort, maximal strength and fatigue of the wrist extensors
  • Effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on pain and functional performance in subjects with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trial.
  • Effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on central activation failure in subjects with knee osteoarthritis
  • A brief inter-phase interval interposed within biphasic pulses enhances contraction force of the quadriceps muscle.
  • The reliability of a hand held dynamometer for strength assessment during electrically induced muscle contractions
  • Effect of inter-phase interval on contraction force and muscle fatigue in subjects with central nervous system lesions.


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The Biodex System 3 dynamometer